We are proud to be one of the more experienced tattoo parlors in Ogden. With 25 years of combined experienced with this art form, we should be your preferred shop in this area. We have developed a solid reputable thus far and past customers can attest to the high skill level we feature here.

Our success is a direct reflection on the caliber of artist that are featured here. As previously mentioned, we feature over 20 years of combined experience. Along with being experienced, we are all very passionate about what we do, which causes us to strive for absolute perfection at all times. We have acquired plenty of knowledge throughout our time as tattoo artists and have developed into the reliable artists you deserve.

While we take great pride in the artists we feature, we also take great pride in our shop itself. We want our shop to be just as presentable as anything else. We do a great job of keeping our stations and waiting areas clean at all times to ensure your comfort. With that, each of the materials we use are alway sterile. We care about our customer’s health as much as anything else.

With the quality of artwork you can expect to receive, we offer very fair prices. While we still have to stay competitive, we set reasonable rates for each of our services. While some tattoos can get expensive, you are definitely receiving what you are paying for.

Even though we are a fairly new shop, having only been open for two years now, we have began generating a certain level of buzz about our work. We appreciate the customers we have had so far and the people you have referred us to.

We are confident in becoming one of the best tattoo shops, period.