Imagine if you could trust this artist to take the idea out of your head and create a tattoo masterpiece, that would be great, right?

Turns out We at Savage Tattoo do just that!

I’m Dax (aka Savage Dax) the owner of the shop and For the last 9 years of my life I’ve been submerged in the Art and Tattoo World refining my skills.
Tattooing Excites me and I’ve always obsessed over getting better and better with my Art and my customer experience. ;
I’ve been blessed to have tattooed from Utah to Miami in some of the most reputable shops with some of the most talented artists in the World! ;
One thing that I struggled with in my experience though was the shops I worked in..

.. Sometimes the artists didn’t treat their clients well, sometimes the artists just didn’t deliver on their promises, sometimes they were uncomfortable to be around, sometimes the shops vibe just sucked.

And then another issue:

..Sometimes the client was speaking to the wrong artist in the first place.

I’ve worked in countless shops where the shops don’t actually listen to the clients needs enough.

They don’t ask enough information to direct the client to the proper artist that would do the best job. Resulting in either a mediocre tattoo that doesn’t meet the clients expectations or an uncomfortable experience that the client regrets for life!

Most Shops I worked in didn’t put the client first and instead think selfishly. They rotate who does what tattoo for the WRONG reasons!
when someone walked into their shop they had a rule of “rotation” where they decide who gets to do the tattoo based on some stupid rotation! And I quote this from one of the shops the boss said, “to make business fair for the artists..”

To make business fair for the artists means they were focused more on the money than the customer and their experience. I struggled to work in just about every shop I worked in over this “rule”.
Every where I’ve worked just didn’t have the comfortable, chill vibe ;for me to call home.

I couldn’t work with people who didn’t have passion or put focus into understanding their customers wants and improving the experience. ;

Shop after shop, I eventually was so fed up of working for someone else I moved back to Utah to open my tattoo shop!
but had no knowledge about business…

Where to start? I didn’t have much money, I didnt even qualify for a loan? And how would I ever find artists that not only were talented, but were friendly, trustable, passionate, and cared deeply about their clients like I did?

Luckily some friends and clients gathered to help out and challenge by challenge I got Savage Tattoo up.

But don’t get me wrong, I struggled to find the right artists, ;I ruined relationships with clients over stress, I’ve became overwhelmed and almost gave up the first year in my business.

What Changed everything was Gratitude.

Being Grateful for what I do and who I serve.

Once, I became grateful and found Great artists that shared the same vibe and appreciated their clients everything changed!

Our Tattoo work got smoother and more vibrant because we have fun!

We were able to understand exactly how to help the customer get their out idea out of their head.

The vibe became warm and welcoming.

And clients felt alot more comfortable which makes the entire process a lot easier.

What keeps us breathing is our clients. And our main objective when a client comes to us is to show that that we CARE about them and what they trust us to tattoo on them.

And theres nothing more satisfying than when a client absolutely loves their tattoo and thanks to you all we’re officially the Highest Rated Tattoo Shop in Utah according to Google.

And have clients raving about us and scheduling like crazy! we’ve now tattooed over 1,200 Happy customers:) Some even come from across the country!