Getting inked up is one of the best ways to express yourself, artistically. That is, if you aren’t a tattoo artist yourself. If you are wanting some fresh ink and are looking for a trustworthy tattoo shop in Ogden, UT, then look no further. Our shop features over 20 years of experience and we guarantee you won’t be let down after a sessions with us.

We are a professional shop that is known for giving our customers great designs. No idea is too big or too intricate for us to execute. We always encourage our customers to get as creative as they want when communicating their ideas to us. Whether you are interested in something modern or a classic design, we can handle it. Along with being able to execute any design or idea you may have, we can also go a little bit further. If you want something a little more colorful than a black and white tattoo, you can get as creative as you want. We can do all colors with any design you are looking for.

And if you have a previous tattoo that you are just not feeling anymore, we can also do cover ups. We understand sometimes a tattoo you once got may not hold the same meaning. We can come up with some great ideas on how to transform it into something you can actually tolerate looking at everyday.

The most important aspect about our shop is our cast of talented artists. Everyone here is extremely skilled and precise with their work. We take our time and pay attention to detail to ensure every design is executed to perfection. When you come to us for a tattoo, our goal is to make sure your finished-product is of 100% satisfaction.

Your opinion and exceeding your expectations are what we strive for.